Michelle Eureka

HOMETOWN: South Meriden, CT

ABOUT ME: Hello ~ Ciao ~ Hallo ~ Bonjour ~ ¡Hola! ~ مرحبا
I'm Michelle, and I love that Zumba® has something to offer everybody and brings so many people together. Whether you love to dance or have two left feet like me, I guarantee you will have a blast in class while burning calories at the same time.

IN THE STUDIO: When I am not off gallivanting around the world, you are sure to find me either behind the desk or on the dance floor. Sometimes I even sneak on stage…! My goal is to make sure every person who walks through the door enjoys their workout. Escape the pressures of the day, and stop by the studio for any of the various classes we offer!

IN MY FREE TIME: I love travelling – domestically and internationally – and photography. I am a shutterbug!

FAVORITE SONG ON REPLAY: Too many to list…check out my Spotify playlist!